Introducing the vibrant world of Vitamin Me! This brand is all about bringing fun and vitality into your daily routine with its delightful vitamin gummies. Inspired by the goodness of various fruits, Vitamin Me is a burst of vibrant colors. With a touch of whimsy, I designed a logo and packaging that embodies the playful spirit of the brand. The hand-drawn illustrations capture the essence of the brand, inviting you to embrace a joyful and healthy lifestyle. Get ready to infuse your day with a dose of Vitamin Me and let the colors and flavors transport you to a sunny paradise!
This was a branding exercise based on the brief provided by @briefclub on Instagram.
Moodboard pictures from Pinterest. 
Medicine bottle mockup: <a href="">Image by yeven_popov</a> on Freepik 
Tote bag mockup: <a href="">Image by Vectonauta</a> on Freepik
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