Bonjour! I'm Lilith and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a passionate graphic designer with a strong focus on branding and brand identity. Originally from the Middle East, with Armenian origins, and now proudly calling Montreal, Canada my home, I bring a diverse cultural background that shapes my unique design approach. Since 2016, after graduating with my BA in Graphic Design, I've had the pleasure of working as a freelance and an in-house designer gaining valuable experience in tech and marketing companies, with small businesses and startups as well.
What truly drives me is the beauty of simplicity and attention to detail. I love the challenge of conveying powerful messages through thoughtfully curated designs that are clean, minimal, and harmonious. By carefully balancing elements and embracing symmetry, I strive to create visuals that captivate and inspire.
Drawing inspiration from my rich heritage, I take great pride in infusing my work with distinctive identities and designs that truly stand out. Typography holds a special place in my heart, and I love exploring the art of illustrations and lettering to add a touch of personality and depth to my creations.
Beyond my design background, I'm also a passionate student pursuing a second degree in psychology. This exciting academic journey allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the human mind, which I believe enriches my ability to craft meaningful brands, compelling marketing campaigns, and engaging advertisements. By blending design and psychology, I strive to create designs that connect with people on a profound level.
I invite you to delve into my portfolio, where I showcase my creative endeavors—fusing design, culture, and psychology to craft captivating stories and distinctive brand experiences. It would be my pleasure to take you on this journey and explore the meaningful connections we can create through design.
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