I had the privilege of undertaking a branding project for AREX Medical Center, a newly established private healthcare facility committed to providing professional, high-quality care to its patients. My task was to develop a distinctive logo and brand identity that embodied the center's values and aspirations. Additionally, I created eye-catching signage for the center's building and a cohesive set of stationery designs.
To capture the essence of AREX Medical Center's commitment to excellence and well-being, I crafted a logo featuring a stylized letter A inspired by the shape of an electrocardiogram wave. The logo's design signifies the center's focus on the medical field while evoking a sense of care and vitality. The color palette predominantly consists of shades of blue. These hues were chosen to convey a sense of reliability, instill confidence in patients, and reflect the center's dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare services in a serene environment.
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