In collaboration with Almo Furniture, a small handmade furniture business with aspirations to become a national brand, I undertook a rebranding concept to establish their unique identity. While the owner expressed a desire to retain the original logo, it lacked the professional touch needed for effective branding. To address this, I carefully redesigned the logo while preserving the key elements that resonated with the client, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.
Drawing inspiration from the client's vision of bohemian chic aesthetics, I incorporated simplicity and modernity into the brand. The use of geometric shapes and clean lines reflects the company's commitment to minimalistic design, aligning perfectly with their creations. The color palette exudes a sense of richness and sophistication, evoking an atmosphere of luxury and elevated living. The project encompasses a range of deliverables, including print stationery and social media assets that present a cohesive and visually compelling brand presence.
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